Noir’s Adventure World

Description of Noir’s Adventure World Noir's Adventure World is a super hero and legendary adventure. Noir's Adventure World is a continuation of Ladybug Adventure game.- Cat Noir’sThe advantages of Noir's Adventure World are:• Addictive, thrilling and challenging• classic platformer for kids, children and adults• miraculous side scroller gameplay with easy game console pad controls• free and easy to play but hard to master• classic retro running and jumpingNoir's Super Man must overcome many evil crocs, spiders and dragons and also through the palace.But beware! Many dangers, enemies, problems, obstacles, traps and boss defends tough your way through forests, castles and surprised the world.To complete the game platformer Noir's going to have to jump and run more obstacles, fight and shoot against ninja chibi, crocs cruel, hedgehog, skeleton, Leps, cats and many other monsters and dragons.Climb up the great magical bridges, mountains and stairs, against an enemy prehistoric, avoid falling bricks, find the blocks noir hidden and levels, collecting coins, swim through the dangerous sea, explore the many ways a challenging and addictive world of forest and land and defeat all the bosses cruel and opponents.An interesting feature of Noir's Adventure World are:• 4 different addictive world (magical land, forests noir crazy, Egypt and cave world sphere)• 80 designs are beautiful and interesting and storied menegangkanyang by slowly increasing the difficulty of the game• 8 awesome boss fights (angry scorpions, spiders are dangerous, bee cats and crocodiles boss) in 8 different dark castle• A large number of power-ups, bonus rounds, secrets and bonus items block• More than 20 variety, great animation enemies like crocs, cats, frogs, spiders, monsters, dragons, snails and more• The mix of 2D and 3D graphics in high resolution• Retro music and old school arcade sound effects• Perfect, super game intuitve control through retro games console control pad• Special skills hidden in destroyable blocks and bricks• Gameplay is awesome retro game reminiscent of classic dashboard• Air and Sea World – jumping, running, fighting AND pool!• Try to unlock all the achievements and become the number one on the board!How to play Noir's Adventures World:• Click right or left on your control pad to move Noir's male super hero!• Down-button to dodge and also to get some bonus levels (below the tree stump)• press the A button to make a super Noir jump!• press the B button to make a super Noir shoot!Do not hesitate, download and play immediately Noir's Adventures World along with acquaintances, friends or family!

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