Combat In The Fortress

Description of Combat In The Fortress Combat In The Fortress is about shooting console quality game. Combat In The Fortress is about loving and upgrading your gun. Combat In The Fortress is about shedding the blood of your enemies and not having yours spilled. You will need quick reflexes and superior aiming skills to shoot your way out of this one. *** MULTIPLAYER ***
Find yourself a worthy opponent and compete head-on with other players (3G and Wi-Fi). Become the best and boast your position in the top ranks!GO CROSS-PLATFORM: Have others platform players for breakfast! Take part in the fight and represent your platform!The Novice Tier offers battles featuring slower-paced enemies who take fewer shots before dying. 
No on-line players? then shoot at AI moving targets9 WEAPONS – BallisticKnife – Handgun – Grenade – Grenade Launcher – M87T – MP5KA4 – RPG – SniperRifle – STW-25
• lots of blood, explosions 
• awesome graphics
• realistic sound effects 
Note: Not recommended low resolutions less than 800×480

Download APK(46.75MB)

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