El Chavo: Eso, Eso, Eso

Description of El Chavo: Eso, Eso, Eso Watch El Chavo come to life! Now you can play with el Chavo, ask him questions, “el Chavo-ize” yourself with 10 different character cutouts from the show and watch him in augmented reality with the use of an el Chavo card found in El Chavo products from JAKKS Pacific! Tap el Chavo’s barrel, shake it, yell at him and el Chavo responds with random answers. Ask him questions by tapping the microphone button and he will respond with a variety of random answers! Or in photo mode El Chavo-ize yourself with 10 popular characters from the show. You can ‘wear’ el Chavo’s hat or become Don Ramon with his signature mustache, take your photo and share it with friends! When you buy select el Chavo products from JAKKS Pacific and receive the el Chavo DreamPlay-enabled card, you can watch el Chavo come to life! There are a variety of vignettes to watch in 3D augmented reality while viewing the card. Choose the vignette you want to see, point your device at the marker card and watch el Chavo come to life!

Download APK(11.82MB)

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