Soldier Survival Quest

Description of Soldier Survival Quest There are lot of survival games on Google play, here is the new and unique in its category. A soldier having no weapon, has to survive following hard military training, high moral of fighting with all conditions of ground including cold weather. A soldier has to fight, stay alive, achieve target, come back home safely using no weapon at all. The only weapon he has got is Archery. A bow and aero to hunt zebra for food. The survival quest of a commando soldier who was flying on Jet on his mission and his plane crashed on an Island. He jumped using his parachute and, landed in a jungle. He found there are dangerous animals around. He has to contact back to the control room and ask the help. He has to search the Radio communication device somewhere on the Island. Soldier has to avoid bears on his way and search the whole area to find the radio for communication. If He walks up to certain level toward bear, The bear will attack on him. There is no weapon, no gun, no sniper, no pistol or any assault rifle to combat with bear. The only way is to avoid his circle and find the Radio. As long as he walks, his hunger increases, If the hunger level comes to zero he can die due to hunger. To maintain his level of health and hunger he has to use the food like fruits and coconut available on different points. If he doesn't find the fruits he can hunt the zebra to use it for food. There are two missions the second mission is the snow area and you have to keep yourself warm to stay physically fit. In this mission the Soldier may die due to cold if he doesn't find the food or warm clothes to survive. Objects to find: 1. Multiple fruits like cherry, apple, banana etc. to reduce hunger. 2. Radio for communications with control room. 3. Bow and aero to hunt Zebras for food which will reduce hunger. 4. Medical Kit to restore health level. How to play: > Left navigation button to walk forward. > Right navigation button to look around> Stone or Aero Buttons to through stone or Aero. walk using navigation buttons on left, right, back and forward. Tap the through button to through stone or aero to hunt zebra for food. You need several stones to hit zebra but, a single aero is enough to hunt zebra. Avoid Bears to reach to your objects and complete your mission. Game Features: > Real 3D graphics environment> Simple and cool survival game> No explosive, no bullets and no shooting> Tactical and intelligent game> Archery as a weapon for animal hunting

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