Spectre: Dawn of Block Justice

Description of Spectre: Dawn of Block Justice Spectre: Dawn of Block Justice offers a variety of different missions and lethal enemies. This most exciting FPS challenge is loaded with non-stop action. Bringing the world of superheroes to life, this classic pixel world is a 3D game full of unique and fun first person shooter challenges. STORYLINEThe bus stop had been there for over a hundred years. When they tore it up to expand the road, they discovered a tunnel so deep, the crew feared exploring it, lest they run out of air. A spelunking team delves into the furthest reaches, but it takes them days, and when they arrive, they find a fully furnished lair, lit by an unexplained orb of energy. No air tanks, no electricity, gases, or flame. Just this one room. The legend of superheroes has been just that- a legend. Unexplained rescues and survival from certain deaths have been explained away a myriad of ways. With the discovery of superheroes, the world is in a state of awe. Fans flock the streets, eager to get an autograph of these real life masked crusaders. Within time, the heroes are reduced to stage shows, performing magic tricks and signing t-shirts, in such a high demand, that even without their masks and capes, they are celebrities who are hounded by paparazzi and fans. The streets-now safer than ever- become reasons for further celebrations and parades. But as the celebration continues, an evil long dead, crushed to the drudges of the earth decades before emerges, the heroes too preoccupied by awards and ceremonies to notice. With the looming of this dark spectre overpowers the city, and with it, the realization that if superheroes exists, so do super-villains. GAME PLAYUnlock and explore six maps and deal damage to enemies. Timed levels present an exciting mission that will fuel your adrenaline with cool rewards to collect if successful like permanent weapons, body armor and double damage. Daily rewards are your to collect, but are only yours to use until you die. Check in each day and claim such cool perks as endless sprint, special bullets and double damage. Customizable controls allow you to play how you want, with difficulty settings based off of your skill. Easy to play, but difficult to master, work your way up to elite fighter status and be the ultimate superhero! Levels:- City under Chaos – Devastated battlefield – Spectre Lab Game Features:-Wield Unique Melee & Firearm Weapons-Hand-to-Hand Combat-Game Play Tips-Easy-to-Use Touch Pad Controls-Map Overview-Precision Shooting-Power-Ups-Settings Control Screen

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