Midnight Star: Renegade (Unreleased)

Description of Midnight Star: Renegade (Unreleased) Get on your jump boots and pack your grenades – it's time for FPS madness!Craft your own weapons while ascending the ranks of the GMSC's elite Renegade forces. Shooting combat spans fast, action-packed levels as you unravel the mysteries left behind by a space faring civilization that went missing 22,000 years ago.SHOOT ALIENSBorn on mobile, Renegade offers the best in shooting action on your touchscreen. Run around levels using directional swipes and touch to shoot a wide range of pistols, rifles, rockets and grenades.CRAFT WEAPONSPlay the way you want as you build your Renegade's gear from a huge variety of available parts. Choose burst fire over auto fire for close quarters or explosive rocket ordinance and jump boots to let you fly and destroy- the options are limitless.EARN RANKMultiplayer mode lets you compete against your fellow Renegades. Upgrade your gear and enter the fray with daily and weekly challenges for huge rewards.A DEEP STORYCrafted with Hugo-winning author John Scalzi, Renegade puts you in the pivotal role of an elite GMSC soldier fighting to unlock the secrets of a long lost alien race before the Dust Empire beats us to it! You'll shoot aliens, recover archives, rescue POWs and a lot more on your journey to victory.

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