Hazardous Birds

Description of Hazardous Birds Once upon a time there was a Bad Man who have Locked group of birds in a Cage . Fly your first green bird who have escaped from the Bad Man's cageProtect your-self from Forks & escape yourself from branches.Remember Bad Man's army of birds are on there way to get you back in the cage but don't worryyou have got your-self some power ups which will help you to escape Collect berries -> get 3 more birds which can destroy all thingsCollect Star -> get invisibility no one will catch your for 4.0 SecondsCollect Coins -> get Score for each coins and buy other birds from the cageHow to Play:Touch to fly ,Leave touch to get low…How to unlock Birds:Click on bird (not Lock) check requirement .Full fill the requirement and select your bird.

Download APK(12.89MB)

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