Pin Color Ball

Description of Pin Color Ball Do you remember a game called 100 Balls? Perhaps you still play it occasionally? Today we’ve got a game that builds and expands on the general game concept behind 100 Balls in a way we could have never imagined! This is our review of Pin Color Ball.Pin Color Ball is a cross between a lot of different things. The paddle you control looks a lot like the paddles in Beakout, the sides of the stage look a little like a Pin-Ball Machine and the concept is pretty much the same as that of 100 Balls, “Re-use the balls you are given in order to achieve the highest score possible.”The game is played by “Touching and Dragging” anywhere on the screen of your device in order to move your “Paddle” left and right across the screen. Using your ever-shrinking paddle which luckily starts out fairly large, your mission in this game is to bounce balls that drop out of a wonky pipe across an open gap and back into a machine that blows them up to where they started. Basically a factory…Now, just above the vat that collects the balls you bounce across are a number of different power-ups that appear and disappear periodically. Each power-up has its own unique characteristic, but they basically all help increase your score.Using your Breakout skills, your mission in this game is not only to keep this endless cycle alive but to also build on it by bouncing balls through powerups, using your ever-shrinking paddle… Inconceivable…!With a clean set of almost minimalist style graphics, surprisingly long gameplay sessions, (Each game can take +5 minutes) and amazing high scores for you to show off to your friends on Facebook, Pin Color Ball makes a 3 or even 4 digit score seem easy!Time to start bragging about your high score…! The ConclusionIf you loved playing 100 Balls, get this game! You NEED it! Otherwise, Pin Color Ball is a fun casual game that will entertain you for a surprisingly long time with a single game.Whoever said casual games had to be quick!?Want to give Pin Color Ball a try? Let's download free and to challenge with your friends.

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