World In Shadow

Description of World In Shadow First AudioGame 3D in Google Play!World In Shadow is based solely on 3D game sounds.It is a story where you have to kill wild animals and keep aggressive sound objectives.History:Gone is all the light of the world and it has become dark. Scientists do not know the cause but rather know what happened. Your mission is to find out what had happened.You will have to survive in a world completely dark where animals are aggressive and closer to targets , using only your ears .Game Mode:You have to have headphones and make sure you are well placed ( left atrial to left ear and the right on the right ear ) .Orienta mobile in the direction you want to "see." You have to hold the phone like when you take a picture.You walk by holding two fingers on the screen.To attack your enemies you tap on the screen.The game is in Beta version, if you find an error please explain it in the comments.

Download APK(17.69MB)

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