Upthing: Endless Arcade Jumper

Description of Upthing: Endless Arcade Jumper Upthing can't go left, Upthing can't go right, Upthing can only go UP!Guide Upthing through a never-ending gauntlet filled with spikes, monsters, and moving platforms. How far can you get? How long can you keep Upthing alive? Sometimes you have to be patient, sometimes you have to rush, but you always, always have to plan your next move ahead.Upthing is a brand new arcade experience from Sets and Settings. Mixing the typically fast-paced flow of score chasing games with a more tactical, almost puzzle-like approach, Upthing aims to keep you coming back for more.FEATURING:- Crisp pixel art- Challenging, randomly generated content- Endless replayability – Banging soundtrack, made up of sort-of-but-not-really-chiptunesEnjoy Upthing! <3

Download APK(8.7MB)

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