Alien Christmas Free

Description of Alien Christmas Free A group of aliens are trying to celebrate Christmas for the first time, but they don’t really understand how gift giving is supposed to work. You’ll be their guide and teach them how to collect gifts!In this damage avoidance game, you pilot an alien’s ship as it tries to pick up as many Christmas gifts as possible, while avoiding bombs that other aliens mistakenly thought would be good gifts. No two plays are exactly the same! With practice you can collect more presents to increase your score. The only time the game stops is when you choose to stop it or accidentally hit 3 bombs without grabbing an extra bit of health from Santa’s magic hat. Which means you can get a top score of infinity billion if you have enough holiday spirit. Merry Christmas, and have fun!Top Ten Reasons to buy Alien Christmas:1.It is free.2.You can play a quick game while waiting.3.You can compete against yourself to beat your personal high score.4.You can stop at any time you choose.5.Exciting background music while you play. 6.Easy to pick up and play. 7.Difficulty that adjusts based on how well you are doing in the game.8.Fast restart time.9.Quick to understand controls.10.Did we mention it’s free?11.You don’t have to ask friends for lives. You can play as often as you want, when you want and where you want. (Safe game practice is recommended.)This app uses Unity ads, Privacy policy available here: used under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License from: Open Game Art (Author dravenx) : Firm: Shark Studios:!/content/525Unity 3d Game Development by Example: on the Unity Game Engine: rights reserved. Copyright 2016 Zero Intel Gaming

Download APK(20MB)

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