Slither Dragon

Description of Slither Dragon Control your slizario dragon, defeat your enemies. fight and slithering around with other dragons.- Eat multicolored pellets from other players to grow your dragon in size. The objective of the game is to grow the longest Dragon Slither. If a dragon collides with the body of the enemies it will die.- How to train your dragon : find a place where there are many big dragon. when big dragons fight, one of them will die and leave lots of pellets, eat those pellets and you can grow fast. – The best strategy to defeat and consume enemies is by coiling and thereby trapping them within your dragon's body. Use the slitherio sprint at your advantage! – 40 Dragon Skins to choose!- Remember important thing: this is not a snake game, this is dragon game, created for dragon mania. Act like a Dragon and win the game.

Download APK(25.85MB)

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