Don’t Stop Eggy Streak Escape

Description of Don’t Stop Eggy Streak Escape Eggy Steak is your crazy hen adventure runtastic game with challenging levels and opportunity to act as a real hen and hens Creeps help Sumptus the hen pass all the levels it's inspired from Dexter's Laboratory Series Eggy Steak Escape is story of a running hen called "Sumptus" who has spent 25+ years in the closed dangerous room chemical reaction laboratory and live like lab shade. The running hen has developed several protective measures in the laboratory in order to protect himself from the enemies. The running hen is in the search of chemical compounds which can produce life saving chemical element which was never discovered before. The Chemical laboratory was closed five years ago by his enemies with several poisonous chemical obstacles in the lab so that he can never exist from the lab. After 25 years, the running hen invented the life saving chemical formula which he wants to share with the world before he dies and leave the world. The running hen has lost his way and does not know exist in the Laboratory Chemical Escape try running through the 6 level. The obstacles in the laboratory chemical rush have also turned his experience into nightmare and creeps to cross, some spotter can exist and find his way to world. The chemical compounds are also left all over the laboratory and has to be collected before he exists. The hen runs slides and jumps in the laboratory chemical rush on the uneven and steep tracks of chemical laboratory to overcome the challenges and collect the chemical funnels which is full of ionic dangerous chemical compounds like in Dexter's Laboratory SeriesThe compound is mixture of organic and inorganic molar solubility variables which requires special cares in collection. The chemist in fast-paced mission should safeguard from the poisonous chemical hurdles which may cause a death or end in the GAME it's like Wedding Escape type of games. This is very challenging, full of excitement and highly addictive Eggy Steak Escape GAME lets start play Jango! >>> Download Eggy Steak Escape Game <<<<As like all the running Wedding games, Eggy Steak is a brand new exciting and challenging hen rush game where the hen has the capability to Run, Slide and Jump. The hen run never stops until the finish line is approached by the hen. The hen tipsy , in restless run, have to go through unlimited volume of obstacles and hideous elements but there will be presence of items that will also safeguard the player and help to overcome these chemical challenges more easily. Key Features-Eggy Steak Escape has amazing High-definition (HD) graphics -Eggy Steak Escape is exciting, addictive and challenging chemical reaction game-Two specific controls options in laboratory chemical rush run ring Inside and outside-25+ Levels with dangerous laboratory chemical obstacles-Eggy Steak Escape has various chemical reaction levels’ -Eggy Steak Escape elements in the game -Dangerous Poisonous Obstacles -Easy to play and control Customer reviews• Perfect chemistry running game. I love “Eggy Steak Escape” but very addictive. • Fantastic chemical graphics. I loved them mostly the levels with ring inside• This is fabulous Eggy Steak Escape game; this is a blast in the android store. • This Eggy Steak Escape game has exceeded my expectations.• Fantastic overall experience with the Eggy Steak Escape.For partnerships please add us in and ping us in private messageThanks

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