Zombie Reaper 3

Description of Zombie Reaper 3 Most Important Tips:★Shoot the headthen one bullet can make target dead★Shoot fastthen you can get higher score★When you face the boss zombiethen destroy his helmet first★Bullet can pass through wallsthen you can kill zombies without seeing them★Grenades only kill zombiesso you can throw it freely into the "dead"Zombie Reaper series has been download for 7.7 millions.And now Zombie Reaper 3.0 is available for download!Game Play 3.0☢ Add zombie boss who has super heavy armor and crazy attack,and you need to destroy his helmet first!☢ Add battle vehicle store, you can purchase your own super cars!☢ Upgrade "kill zombies on highway" mode where you can drive your super cars to kill zombies on highway!☢ Upgrade "air support" mode where you can save our people with the "sniper mode" on the zombies' head!Graphic/Sound 3.0☢ Top graphic on mobile games, integrate weather system include raining and snowing!☢ High resolution 3D guns models and textures!☢ Here your deadly trigger reflects its real performance in real life,M16,AK47,Mp5 etc, include sound effect!Game control(FPS mode)☑Left 2/3 screen is for aiming, right for shootShoot the head of themKill them fasterThen you can get high score(Drive mode)☑TILT the device left and right to smash the zombiesTAP on four corners of the screen to shoot the Zombies(Life Saving mode)☑Grenade was designed not to hurt human, you can use it where you wantBullet can pass through walls, you can kill zombies without seeing them☑Screen touching sensitivity setting is in "Pause" button,you can change the sensitivity if it is too difficult to aim

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