Roll It Up Catch It Up – Jumping Rolling Ball Race

Roll It Up Catch It Up - Jumping Rolling Ball RaceRoll It Up Catch It Up - Jumping Rolling Ball Race

Description of Roll It Up Catch It Up – Jumping Rolling Ball Race Roll it Up Catch it Up is simple but challenging you need to control ball with tap on ball move it to right and left. It is easy do not touch any hurdle keep avoiding them to get idle.Collect as many diamonds as you can. It is simple flip through the hurdles and concentrate this will get fast and this will get crazy.There are bouncing lunch pads use them to jump of the walls and continue rolling and prevents balls to get idleRoll it Up Catch it Up gives you shop where you can purchase different types of balls. If you like sports like basketball, football, pool table balls or other sports you can chose from one of these balls.Roll it up Catch it Up gives you feel of running up with the ball 3d effects provide you that you are running instead of that ball.Catchup rollup is the best ball rolling game as it provides both modes of play with landscape you can tap tap using both hands where as if you want to tap with one hand use portrait mode.Catchup rollup gets difficult with time there can be lot of fun but you need to concentrate.How to Play:As Game lunch, it shows, an idle ball, Ball will start rolling as soon as you tap the screen. There are a lot of idle balls available in store, collect as much as diamond to unlock your favorite idle ball – Keep a tap on ball and move it right or leftGame Features:- Portrait and Landscape playing modes – Shop features gives you different balls- 100 free diamonds to start with – Stunning 3D stereo visual and super realistic control

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